This is not an ordinary Manhole Cover, this is Suatac:  Service Utility Assembly Totally Adjustable Cover

Suatac™ on Discovery Channel

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Self-Adjusting Manhole Cover

From Popular Mechanics Publication

In winter, many roads crack around manholes. This is because freezing water in the soil causes the road to rise, while the manhole remains firmly anchored to the sewer lines below. The result is a pothole.

Jim Suatac, a retired Canadian contractor, believes his slip-joint manhole cover can prevent potholes by rising and falling with the road surface. A screw top has the added benefit of adjusting the heights when the road is repaved. It is now being tested in Ottawa, Canada.

The City of Ottawa has installed a Suatac™ adjustable cover at Sheffield and Bantree and it has been adjusting itself automatically since Summer 2002. It has remained at the same level as the asphalt for this time. Since then, all other manhole covers have been adjusted twice- but not Suatac™!

Suatac™ is Actually an Adjustable Manhole Cover

  • Fully Adjustable for all directions and slopes
  • Labor-saving
  • Cuts repair costs after installation
  • Uneven roads are a thing of the past
  • Lockable & Secure

Suatac™ is Patented Worldwide and is solely a North American product.

Suatac:  A revolutionary, Canadian innovation